Cannabis Education for Your Organization

Ensure that every member in your organization has free and readily available access to reliable medical and recreational cannabis information.

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ONE in TWELVE workers are using cannabis at a time that may affect their work.

According to the 2019 Institute for Work & Health (IWH) study, 8% of workers are using cannabis within 2 hours before work, at work, during breaks, or the end of a shift at the workplace.

Out of the workers who reported cannabis use that year, one in five consumed cannabis during or around work time.

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An Exclusive Portal

Your organization gets it’s own private portal filled with curated cannabis content that will keep your members educated, informed and supported.

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The Best Learning Experience

JADEO features a simple yet beautiful series player hosting various cannabis learning series, which are short lessons around a certain topic of interest.

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Member Account And Tracking

Each member gets their own profile and inbox, and can keep track of their learning progress so they can pick up right where they left off.

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A Community News Feed

With the choice of anonymity, the social feed is a safe place to post questions, start discussions, and connect with other members instantly.

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User Testimonials

"The series was set up, and presented well. I am looking to manage my chronic pain and I'm keeping all options open."

- A440lee
- Dfengland

"The layouts of the web page makes navigation simple. Each module is small enough to go through rather quickly, while being able to remember the most important information. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more series."

"This is a terrific platform! This puts the responsibility on me, having passed the series, to adhere to the guidelines taught in the series, while I am in my workplace."

- Howitsir


The Ontario government has introduced the Working for Workers Act, 2022. If passed, it will require high-risk workplaces for opioid overdose to carry naloxone kits.

The proposed legislation would also penalize businesses that fail to follow workplace health and safety laws by introducing the highest fines in Canada.


By providing a turn-key high-quality cannabis resource to employees, you enable them with the knowledge that will help them make informed decisions about their health, wellness and safety. Your employees are the backbone to the success of your business.
Empower them and you empower your organization.