The Top Cannabis Safety Tip for Canadian Employers

The top cannabis safety tip for Canadian employers is to have clear policies and procedures in place regarding drug use and testing, while also taking into account local, provincial, and federal laws and regulations.

Here are some additional steps Canadian employers can take to keep workplaces safe:

  1. Understanding the Cannabis Act: The Cannabis Act legalizes the use of recreational cannabis in Canada, but it does not change the employer's right to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

  1. Policies and procedures: Establish clear policies and procedures regarding drug use and communicate them to employees. This can include drug-free workplace policies, testing procedures, and consequences for non-compliance.

  1. Drug testing: If you decide to incorporate a drug testing policy, it should be performed in accordance with Canadian privacy laws, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Drug testing should only be performed where there is a legitimate safety need.

  1. Employee education: Educate employees about the dangers and consequences of cannabis use while on the job, and the impact of cannabis use on job performance and safety.

  1. Accommodating medical use: Accommodate the use of medical cannabis by employees as required by the Canadian Human Rights Act and the applicable provincial/territorial human rights laws.

  1. Workplace safety: Ensure that all employees are trained on the potential dangers and consequences of cannabis use and impairment in the workplace, and take appropriate measures to address and prevent it.

By taking these steps, Canadian employers can help create a safe and productive workplace for all employees while also complying with applicable laws and regulations.